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Section 301 Tariffs Retroactive Exclusion List

On December 28, 2018, the U.S. Trade Representative published a Federal Register Notice (83 FR 67463) announcing the decision to grant certain exclusion requests from the 25 percent duty assessed under the Section 301 investigation related to goods from China (Tranche 1). The product exclusions announced in this notice will be retroactive as of the July 6, 2018 effective date (see 83 FR 28710). The exclusions will extend for one year after the December 28, 2018 Federal Register notice (83 FR 67463).

On Friday February 8, 2019, US Customs & Border Protection released CSMS 19-000052 with instructions on how to submit entries containing products that have been granted exclusions from the Section 301 measures. To request an administrative refund for previous imports of duty-excluded products granted by USTR, importers may file a Post Summary Correction (PSC).

We are currently reviewing our records to identify any entries arranged through OTS that are eligible for this refund and will contact importers individually to notify of their eligibility to submit a PSC for refund of Duty. However, if you believe that you are eligible and have not been contacted, please notify your OTS Representative to confirm eligibility. Below are the classifications that have been retroactively excluded from the Section 301 tariffs:

8412.21.0075 – Hydraulic power engines and motors, linear acting (cylinders), other
8418.69.0120 – Other refrigerating or freezing equipment: heat pumps, drinking water coolers, self-contained
8480.71.8045 – Molds for rubber or plastics, injection
8482.10.5044 – Ball bearings, radial, single row, having an outside diameter of 9 mm and over but not over 30 mm
8482.10.5048 – Ball bearings, radial, single row, having an outside diameter of 30 mm and over but not over 52 mm
8482.10.5052 – Ball bearings, radial, single row, having an outside diameter of 52 mm and over but not over 100 mm
8525.60.1010 – Transmission apparatus incorporating reception apparatus, transceivers, Citizens Band (CB)
8407.21.0080 – Spark-ignition engines for marine propulsion, outboard, each rated at not less than 29.83 kW but not more than 44.74 kW

Please contact your account representative if there are any questions.