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Guidance for Tariff Rate Quotas on Steel & Aluminum Imports

The US and European Union have reached an agreement to implement a Tariff-Rate Quota (TRQ) system effective January 1,2022 in order to exempt imports of E.U. member-state steel and aluminum from 25% and 10% Section 232 duties, respectively. The TRQs are “first-come, first-served,” and once a TRQ is filled, the over-quota duties will apply. The aluminum TRQ will be administered on a semi-annual basis. The first period (through June 30, 2022) is limited to 60% of the annual aluminum country limit. The steel TRQ will be administered quarterly, with each quarter assigned 25% of the annual TRQ amount.

Importers arranging customs clearance through O.T.S. will be required to submit additional documents in order to participate in the TRQ system. Please note, the timely submission of these documents is crucial in order to avoid transportation delay and shipment storage charges.

***Shipments moving by airfreight are especially susceptible to delays & additional charges due to short transit times. Please provide documentation as early as possible to help avoid unwanted interruption.

Please note the following requirements:

Iron or Steel Imports
19 CFR 141.89 requires, for iron or steel imports classifiable in Chapter 72 or headings 7301 to 7307 of the HTSUS, a statement of the percentages by weight or carbon and any metallic elements contained in the articles, in the form of a mill analysis or mill test certificate. These certificates should be submitted at the time of importation to the Document Imaging System. Steel imports from the European Union must be melted and poured in a member country of the European Union in order to be eligible for the TRQ.

Aluminum Imports
19 CFR 141.89 requires, for aluminum and alloys of aluminum imports classifiable under subheadings 7601.10.60, 7601.20.60, 7601.20.90, or 7602.00.00, HTSUS, a statement of the percentages by weight of any metallic element contained in the article. This can be included on the invoice or a separate document submitted in the Document Imaging System. All imports of aluminum articles from the EU must be accompanied by a certificate of analysis in order to be eligible for the TRQ.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your OTS Sales Representative for more information.