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Airlines Adjust Services to and from Europe

The rapid spread of COVID-19 through several European countries has caused passenger airlines to adjust their services in ways mirroring the response seen in China. Demand for passeger flights continues to weaken as governments discourage unnecessary travel. In response, major carriers have begun limiting or canceling flights between coronavirus hotspots and the United States.

Despite the disruption of direct flights to some destinations, alternate routings are being utilized to maintain the flow of goods. Cargo freighter services are currently unaffected, providing capacity relief to the ever-changing passenger flight situation. Additionally, carrier contingency plans have been put in place to minimize supply chain disruption. While delays may be occur, OTS Astracon assures its customers we are working diligently to provide reliable service in this volatile time.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update our customers accordingly. Please contact your OTS Sales representative with any questions.