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O.T.S. Astracon Letter to our Customers

Dear Valued Customer,

As news continues to pour in with reports of the spreading coronavirus, OTS would like to share with our customers the steps we have taken to limit the effects on their supply chains. Currently, our US operations remain unaffected. Our personnel are in constant communication with overseas offices to remain informed about possible disruptions and alternate solutions.

Additionally, information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other major health organizations is reviewed and dispersed daily. As you are probably aware, some countries have begun limiting movement of the public, creating disruptions to trucking, port, and warehouse services. Management teams in our overseas offices continually provide updates with developments on government restrictions and changes to carrier services.

Customers can rest assured OTS is prepared in the event of a local outbreak. Our personnel have the ability to work remotely if needed, and are cross-trained to handle essential job functions in cases of unexpected absences.

As effects of this major world event unfold, we expect significant delays and unforeseen costs to occur. Our Operations Representatives are working diligently to mitigate these effects on our customers.

Our commitment to unrivaled customer service remains a top priority, especially in these uncertain times. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your OTS representative.

Wishing health and safety to all,

David Moss