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Yantian Port Operations Disrupted

Yantian International Container Terminal in Shenzhen, CN has announced a temporary service stoppage to mitigate severe port congestion. The already extreme congestion is expected to worsen amid a developing COVID outbreak, which will leave the terminal understaffed while testing and quarantines are completed. Therefore, Yantian terminal has announced it will halt receiving operations of loaded containers for export from May 25-27. During this time, pickups and empty returns on import containers will not be affected. Receiving operations for loaded export containers will resume on Friday, May 28, but with new restrictions in place.

Effective May 28 until June 3, containers for export may gate in only 4 days prior to vessel arrival. Previously, containers could be dropped off at port up to 7 days prior to vessel arrival. Recent delays and congestion at port have caused driver wait times of around 10-12 hours. These measures aim to alleviate existing congestion and keep it from escalating further.

OTS will continue to monitor this situation and keep our customers updated. If you have any questions, please reach out to your OTS sales representative.