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Aluminum Import Licensing Requirements

The US Department of Commerce ("Commerce") has published a notice confirming that compliance with the rule "Aluminum Import Monitoring (AIM) and Aluminum Analysis System" will be required effective June 28, 2021. Brokers and importers are notified that imports of most aluminum products will require an aluminum import license for each entry beginning on Monday, June 28, 2021. The aluminum import license number obtained from Commerce for each shipment, as well as the License Type Code (28), must be reported on the corresponding entry summary or electronic equivalent in ACE.

Commerce previously published a final rule regarding this aluminum license which details the new system, license requirements, and platform for license details. That final rule can be reviewed on the Federal Register website.

To review a list of aluminum products subject to the new requirement, please click here.

Commerce's confirmation of compliance with the rule, and response to public comments can be reviewed here.

If you have any questions about the new licensing requirements, please do not hesitate to contact your OTS Sales Representative.