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Ningbo Port Operations Disrupted (Updated)

Reports from Ningbo Port advise that Meishan Cargo Terminal will remain under lockdown until Wednesday, August 25. Port operations are expected to return to normal by September 1. OTS will continue to update as more information is received.

Previous Advisory
Authorities have closed a major container terminal at the port of Ningbo following a positive COVID test result of a dock worker. The temporary closure of Ningbo Meishan Container Terminal will remove approximately 20% of the port's capacity until operations resume. Ningbo is one of the three largest container ports in the world, behind Shanghai and Singapore. If restrictions or closures become more severe, the result could lead to larger congestion and backlogs than that of the Yantian Container Terminal shutdown earlier this year. Chinese authorities are closely watching development of the outbreak and may take further action at the port if needed.

OTS will continue to monitor this situation and keep our customers updated. If you have any questions, please reach out to your OTS sales representative.